Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires

Winter Tire


To stay safe on Niagara roads during a Canadian winter, your tires should have the proper grip for icy and snowy roads. But what kind of tires should you have for winter? Are all-season tires truly all-season? And what are the advantages of winter tires? What are the best winter tires? Read on to learn about everything you know in order to properly outfit your vehicle for brutal Canadian winter roads. Then, explore our service specials and reach out to our service department for help at Performance Mercedes-Benz in St Catharines!

What Kind of Tires Should I Have for Winter?

All-season tires can be great winter tires in the right climate. They’re more than equipped to handle sleet, light snow, and little ice. But what are the best winter tires for Niagara-on-the-Lake roads? In our brutal climate, you need Canadian winter tires. True winter tires are designed to maintain traction on thick ice and cut through snow dams with ease. Here are some more differences between winter tires vs. all-season tires:

  • Winter tires feature specialized rubber that can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Winter tires feature deeper tread depths with different patterns that provide more grip.
  • Winter tires feature biting edges—thousands of small slits that not only increase traction, but help the tires plow through embankments of snow and ice.
  • Winter tires are a bit noisier than all-season tires, and all-season tires handle more smoothly, but given the infamous climate of Pelham, we urge you to install the proper Canadian winter tires that you need.

The Benefits of Mercedes-Benz Original Tires

When you opt for Mercedes-Benz Original Tires, you’re simply getting the best winter tires available. Mercedes-Benz Original Tires meet over 40 inspection criteria while being designed and feature MOE run flat tire technology. Should you get a puncture, your tire features an additional air reservoir, so it can stay on the road for several dozen more kilometres, giving you a chance to get your car into a warm garage and saving you from the hassle of sitting in your car mid-winter while waiting for a tow.

Order the Best Winter Tires For Your Mercedes-Benz

Now that you know about the differences between winter tires vs. all-season tires and what kind of tires you should have for winter, give Performance Mercedes-Benz a call to have your vehicle outfitted with Canadian winter tires. Our phone number is 905-685-1136. In the meantime, if you have more automotive questions, take a moment to explore our Mercedes-Benz service tips for other helpful reads, including our guide on how to put together a proper emergency winter car kit!

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