Why is My Car Leaking Water?

Car Leaking Water


If your car is truly leaking water, then it’s not something you need to be concerned about. That’s because the car’s air conditioning normally creates condensation, which can be seen in small puddles of water around the back of the engine compartment. Water near the tailpipe is also normal and caused by exhaust condensation. This water will disappear after your muffler warms up. However, if you’re seeing a coloured fluid or fluid in other areas, then it can be time to seek service with Performance Mercedes-Benz’s service centre. Learn what to look for below, and then contact us if you need your vehicle inspected.

What is the Cause of Leaking Water?

Ensure that the water you’re seeing is normal by checking the following:

  • Put a piece of paper under the leak to check the colour. If it’s colourless, then it’s likely water.
  • If you notice a colour to your fluid, check our guide below to determine what may be leaking and then contact our service centre.
  • If you notice a large amount of water around the exhaust, then you could have a blown gasket that could be burning coolant along with the fuel. This can lead to white smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe.

If it’s a different fluid or a water amount that is clearly more than just condensation, you can reach out to the Performance Mercedes-Benz service centre today for assistance.

Car Leaking Fluids: What the Colours Mean

If you use the piece of paper trick mentioned above and notice a colour, then your car is leaking fluids other than water. Check the colour of your fluids below to determine what it could be:

  • Red Fluid- Could be power steering fluid or transmission fluid
  • Orange Fluid- Is likely either radiator coolant or transmission fluid
  • Yellow Fluid- Typically is radiator coolant
  • Green Fluid- Can be antifreeze from the water pump, hoses, or radiator
  • Blue Fluid- Usually is windshield washer fluid
  • Dark Brown Fluid- Could be brake fluid or older engine oil
  • Light Brown Fluid- Is likely either gear lubricant or older engine oil
  • Pink Fluid- Is either transmission fluid or power steering fluid

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