Can You Charge a Mercedes-Benz EV at Home?

Mercedes-Benz EV Charging
Before buying an electric vehicle, prospective Niagara drivers all start with the same question: can you charge a Mercedes-Benz EV at home? The answer is a resounding yes! With the Mercedes-Benz wall box charger you’ll have easy access to convenient fast charging without leaving your Niagara-on-the-Lake home. Join Performance Mercedes-Benz in taking a look at your Mercedes-Benz EV charging times, and compare the Tesla home charger vs. Mercedes-Benz home charger. Then visit the Performance Mercedes-Benz inventory to get started on choosing your next Mercedes-Benz.



Mercedes-Benz Wall Box Charger Charge Times

When it comes to charging a Mercedes-Benz EV at home in Pelham, you can get from a 10 percent charge to 80 percent charged in just 31 minutes with the Mercedes-Benz wall box charger. Here are your specific charging times:

  • 10% to 80%: 31 minutes
  • 20% to 80%: 25 minutes
  • 40% to 80%: 18 minutes
  • 60% to 80%: 10 minutes

These are some of the fastest home charging times yet reported. As with all EV chargers, the last 20 percent of the battery will take much longer to charge than the first 80 percent of your battery’s charge capacity.

Tesla Home Charger vs. Mercedes-Benz Home Charger

If you’re wondering if you should choose a Tesla or Mercedes-Benz for your electric vehicle, consider how their home charging times compare. You’ll find that they’re both competitive, but the Mercedes-Benz home charger is faster on average:

Tesla Model S Plaid:

  • Max Charge Power (20% to 80%): 250 kW
  • Average Charge Power (20% to 80%): 130 kW
  • Average Charge Time (20% to 80%): 27 minutes

Tesla Model 3 LR AWD:

  • Max Charge Power (20% to 80%): 249 kW
  • Average Charge Power (20% to 80%): 94 kW
  • Average Charge Time (20% to 80%): 31 minutes

Mercedes-Benz EQS RWD:

  • Max Charge Power (20% to 80%): 207 kW
  • Average Charge Power (20% to 80%): 155 kW
  • Average Charge Time (20% to 80%): 25 minutes

Have Questions About the Mercedes-Benz Wall Box Charger?

If you’d like to know more about the comparison between the Telsa home charger vs. Mercedes-Benz home charger, or you have any questions about the mechanics of Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles, contact the service department at Performance Mercedes-Benz for more information. Or pay a visit to our Mercedes-Benz information hub. We’re always updating with the latest information about Mercedes-Benz models and features.


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