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2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG® A-Class Tire

What is the proper Mercedes-Benz tire kPA for your Niagara model? You can locate the proper kPA (kilopascals) for your model on the inside of your vehicle’s fuel door. The precise Mercedes-Benz tire pressure guidelines will vary from model to model, but the vast majority of passenger vehicles perform best when their tire pressure falls between 220.6 and 241.3 kPa.



How to Check Your Mercedes-Benz Tire kPA

You can use a tire pressure gauge, which is available in our St Catharines parts centre. This tool allows you to manually check your tire pressure by simply inserting the gauge into the valve stem. The gauge won’t tell you the proper level for your Mercedes-Benz model—that’s featured in your owner’s manual—but it’s a great tool for figuring out how much air is currently in your tires!

Typically, Niagara-on-the-Lake drivers won’t be needing to manually check their model because new Mercedes-Benz vehicles come with a TPMS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This feature uses sensors to measure the pressure inside each tire and inform you if they are at the proper levels. The warning light will pop up on your dashboard if you aren’t at adequate levels, in which case you can visit our Performance Mercedes-Benz service centre or a gas station in the Pelham area.

Mercedes-Benz Tire Pressure: Levels According to Model

When you go to check your Mercedes-Benz tire kPA, you’ll find that there is some variation based upon the model. Check out the tire pressures according to model here:

Mercedes-Benz kPA Ranges: SUVs


  • Front Tire Pressure: 296.5 to 324.0 kPA
  • Rear Tire Pressure: 296.5 to 324.0 kPA


  • Front Tire Pressure: 296.5 to 324.0 kPA
  • Rear Tire Pressure: 296.5 to 324.0 kPA


  • Front Tire Pressure: 241.3 kPA
  • Rear Tire Pressure: 289.6 kPA


  • Front Tire Pressure: 213.7 to 262 kPa
  • Rear Tire Pressure: 268.9 to 330.9 kPA


  • Front Tire Pressure: 241.3 to 282.7 kPA
  • Rear Tire Pressure: 296.5 to 303.4 kPA

Mercedes-Benz kPA Ranges: Sedan


  • Front Tire Pressure: 268.9 kPA
  • Rear Tire Pressure: 268.9 kPA


  • Front Tire Pressure: 262 to 275.8 kPA
  • Rear Tire Pressure: 303.4 to 324.0 kPA


  • Front Tire Pressure: 227.5 to 268.9 kPA
  • Rear Tire Pressure: 262 to 317.2 kPA


  • Front Tire Pressure: 248.2 kPA
  • Rear Tire Pressure: 268.9 kPA

Mercedes-Benz kPA Ranges: Coupe

AMG® GT Coupe

  • Front Tire Pressure: 248.2 kPA
  • Rear Tire Pressure: 268.9 kPA

CLA Coupe

  • Front tires: 268.9 kPA
  • Rear Tires: 268.9 kPA

CLS Coupe

  • Front Tire Pressure: 275.8 to 289.6 kPA
  • Rear Tire Pressure: 324.0 kPA to 337.8 kPA

Mercedes-Benz kPA Ranges: Van

Metris Van

  • Front Tire Pressure: 303.4 kPA
  • Rear Tire Pressure: 303.4 kPA

Sprinter Van

  • Front Tire Pressure: 317.2 kPA
  • Rear Tire Pressure: 482.6 kPA

Our Performance Mercedes-Benz Tire Centre is Happy to Help!

Keep your vehicle running its best by having your tires in the proper condition. There are many benefits to properly inflated tires, regular rotations and overall good tire maintenance. If you think it’s time for a replacement, visit our tire centre in St Catharines outside of Pelham to see if your Mercedes-Benz Tire kPA is at its proper level.


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