How Much is a Car Replacement Battery?

Auto Mechanic Replacing Car Battery


The average car battery replacement cost runs between $90 and $250 dollars in greater Niagara. If you’re considering car battery replacement service, take a moment to learn about how often to replace a car battery and when to replace a car battery. Then, if you find it’s time to replace your battery, contact the service centre at Performance Mercedes-Benz in St Catharines for help, and be sure to explore our service specials to see how much you can save!

How Often to Replace Your Car Battery

The average car battery lifespan ranges from between 3 and 4 years. However, if you live in a really humid or super hot climate, you can expect to replace your battery more frequently. If you don’t drive very much and leave your vehicle in your garage for extended periods of time, you can also expect more frequent car battery changes.

When to Replace Your Car Battery

Since a variety of factors can shorten or lengthen your Mercedes-Benz car battery life, it’s important that Niagara-on-the-Lake drivers learn a few signs to watch out for, so they can determine when it’s time for car battery replacement service. Warning signs of low battery life include:

  • Misshapen battery case
  • Corroded battery terminals
  • Battery leaking
  • Sluggish ignition
  • Issues with electric vehicle systems like heated seats
  • Dim lights
  • Low fluid levels in the battery
  • “Check Battery” light comes on

Optimizing the Lifespan of Your Battery

Want to cut down on car battery replacement costs? There are a few good habits to internalize that help stave off that next car battery replacement service for a few months or even years! Take a moment to review our tips for slowing down how often you’ll need to replace your car battery:

  • Short trips don’t give your battery enough time to recharge, putting greater stress on it. So next time you’re thinking of driving a block down the street to the neighbours, try walking.
  • Routinely check to ensure the screws on your battery case are properly fastened. If loose, your battery will rattle as you drive and wear down much faster.
  • Avoid using electrical systems in your vehicle when the engine is off.
  • Regularly clean off the corrosion on your battery terminals.
  • When you can, park in the shade to avoid overheating your battery.
  • Don’t leave your vehicle in the garage for long periods of time.

Need Affordable Car Battery Replacement Service Near Pelham?

You know when to replace your car battery, how often to replace your car battery, and the average car battery replacement cost. If you’ve found you’re in need of a new car battery after reading our guide, give the Performance Mercedes-Benz service centre a call for competitively priced car batteries and installation service in St Catharines. Our phone number is 905-685-1136. While you’re here, take a moment to explore our service tips for other helpful reads, including our more in-depth overview of how often to replace a car battery!

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