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Are you looking for OEM Mercedes-Benz Wholesale Parts? You can call Performance Mercedes-Benz Parts Wholesale at 1-833-961-3801 or email Parts Wholesale at [email protected]. You are also welcome to visit the Performance Mercedes-Benz Parts Wholesale department or contact our Parts Wholesale Team directly.

Explore OEM Mercedes-Benz Parts and Accessories

If you’re shopping for Mercedes-Benz car parts online or considering your options about the auto parts stores in greater Niagara, you’ll find an extensive selection of genuine OEM Mercedes-Benz accessories and parts at Performance Mercedes-Benz in St Catharines. Take a moment to learn about why you should always install Mercedes-Benz OEM parts when replacing components in your previous automotive investment. Then, explore our Mercedes-Benz parts specials, and if you have any questions along the way, contact our parts department for help!

OEM Mercedes-Benz Parts vs. Aftermarket Auto Parts

When you shop around Niagara-on-the-Lake for Mercedes-Benz accessories and car parts, you’ll have two options: Mercedes-Benz OEM parts and off-brand aftermarket alternatives. Read on to learn about why you should always opt for the OEM parts on offer at Performance Mercedes-Benz:

  • Durability: Aftermarket parts are loosely regulated, and there’s no guarantee that they aren’t made with cheap materials. OEM parts were built to the stringent standards of the manufacturer and will save you in the cost of future repairs.
  • Perfect Fit: Because OEM parts are the very same your Mercedes-Benz was built with at the factory, they don’t require customization in order to fit, and they help your model run the way it was intended to!
  • Warranty Coverage: All OEM parts come backed by a warranty for added peace of mind.
  • Resale Value: When you install aftermarket parts, your vehicle’s resale value drops. That isn’t the case when you install OEM parts!

Order Mercedes-Benz Parts and Accessories Online

If you’re looking to buy car parts online, simply fill out the form above her help. You can also call us at 905-685-3838 or visit our auto parts store in St Catharines. Our address is 371 Ontario Street! If you have any other concerns related to Mercedes-Benz parts, be sure to explore our parts tips for other helpful reads about how often replace your car battery and more!