What Does the Light on My Dashboard Mean?

2020 Mercedes-Benz A 220

So, you’re driving around St Catharines and you notice that one of your dashboard warning lights is on. You may be wondering, “What does the light on my dashboard mean?” It’s easy to look up the meaning of dashboard warning lights, but it’s also a smart idea to memorize their meanings and, most of all, know what to do about these warnings. The service centre at Performance Mercedes-Benz covers dashboard warning lights below!

Dashboard Lights: Safety Warnings and Parts Maintenance

One of the most common warnings that Niagara drivers receive on their dashboard warning lights involves components of their vehicle’s safety system. You can easily fix these problems yourself or by scheduling service.

  • Security Alerts (“door ajar”): If this light comes on, it may simply indicate a door isn’t closed all the way. In other cases, it indicates there’s a problem with your ignition switch.
  • Washer Fluid Light: Low or leaking fluids can trigger a warning light. You can fix this issue easily by finding some washer fluid in Niagara-on-the-Lake and replenishing the reservoir.
  • Fog Lamp: This well-known light indicates that your brights are on.
  • Airbag Fault Light: This light tells you that your airbags will not deploy properly. When this light is on, you can contact the service centre at Performance Mercedes-Benz for essential repairs!

Dashboard Lights: Engine and Brake Warnings

One of the most confusing lights that Pelham drivers see is the Service Vehicle Light. This indicates that there’s a problem with the electrical system on your vehicle, as in a battery or alternator issue. Other engine- and brake-related dashboard lights include:

  • Reduced Power Warning: Reduced power output in the engine can be a serious problem, so have your car inspected right away if you see this light.
  • Coolant Temperature Warning: A coolant leak or malfunctioning fan can result in abnormal coolant temperature. This light also requires an inspection from an expert.
  • Brake System Light: This light could mean a mechanical issue, a brake fluid issue, or other problems with your brakes. Schedule service when you see this light.
  • Traction Control/ESP®: This light might appear on bumpy roads, telling you that you should drive carefully to avoid control issues.

Drivers can help themselves make sure their mechanical systems are running optimally by sticking to their vehicle’s maintenance schedule. As with all things in life, being prepared always helps when dealing with problems and emergencies.

Get Expert Maintenance and Repairs at Performance Mercedes-Benz

Now you know what to say if someone asks you, “What does the light on my dashboard mean?” St Catharines drivers can fix problems on their Mercedes-Benz vehicles by taking advantage of the service specials at Performance Mercedes-Benz. We’re happy to answer any questions, so contact us today!

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