2017 E-Class Drives Ahead With New Technology

March 11th, 2016 by

2017 E-Class

The current narrative of the automotive world is all about autonomous vehicles. At this point it seems to be an inevitability, with nearly all auto manufacturers racing to produce the earliest and most innovative autonomous vehicle technology. Mercedes has identified this race as an opportunity to introduce industry-leading automated technology.

This newest E-Class, set for release in 2017, showcases the latest Mercedes innovations. This is a first, as Mercedes traditionally reveals new technology through the flagship S-Class. The new automated system in the E-Class is called “Steering Assist.” This feature does some of the work for the driver, making for a safer and effortless drive.

Steering Assist controls the vehicle in maneuvering of some curves, low-speed traffic, and preventing highway lane changes using blind spot detection. Mercedes is set to improve Steering Assist by allowing it to handle curves at up to 130km/h. If the system detects pedestrians or objects in front of the vehicle, it will automatically brake.

If the driver swerves to avoid a collision, the vehicle can correct its movement path at speeds of up to 65 km/h. The E-Class can detect when your hands are on the steering wheel and will prevent certain actions if your hands are not. It will even adjust speeds according to any surrounding road signs.

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