2016 Mercedes GLE, the evolution of the luxury SUV

November 29th, 2015 by

2016 Mercedes GLEThe M-Class was born 20 years ago, after breaking ground with an innovative design that combined an all wheel drive vehicle with refinement. Now, Mercedes Benz continues to redefine the sports utility segment with their GLE line.

Born on the road; handcrafted by racers

After all the success achieved by the M-Class, the brand took all their knowledge of the road and fused it with the information acquired with their AMG alliance. Since the beginning, this union allowed them to improve the overall performance across all their models, but it shines especially in the case of the sports utility vehicle spectrum.

With all these technologies and experience involved in its creation, the 2016 edition comes with two new models (SUV and SUV Coupe) and both of them are the true holders of their lineage, offering sophistication, power, and safety in every regard.  From their powerful engines (V6 and V8, delivering between 255 and 577 HP, respectively) all the way to the possibility of running on diesel or electric, coupled with their highly efficient technology for fuel economy, are among some of the top features that these new members of the GLE class have to offer.

The best way to get the most out of such engines was to include a suspension and steering system that provides complete control. AMG developed the AIRMATIC suspension that works perfectly in conjunction with the ACTIVE CURVE SYSTEM to ensure an enhanced and steady driving experience.

Comfort and luxury; from top to bottom

As any other Mercedes’ in history, the German carmakers are known to offer state of the art features along with top of the line interiors; the GLE line being no exception.

Heated seats with 4 way power lumbar support are some of the most comfortable among any luxury sports SUV.  In the exclusive package, the full seating system has a built in fragrance atomizer to give you not only a pleasant environment, but also one that smells as good as it feels.

An 8 inch colour display with touch controls gives you access to not only the radio and audio, but also the navigation and several other functions, like the Bluetooth wireless transmission. In addition to all of this, a set of 3D maps and the COMMAND online system provide a useful series of apps to complement almost every need and desire that a demanding customer requires.

Once again Mercedes Benz put all their effort in creating a vehicle that not only keeps up with the time and innovations, but also breaks new ground, making it worthy of their legendary brand name. So if you’re looking for the modern luxury SUV, look no further than the 2016 GLE.

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